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Qualifiers for Great Edinburgh Cross Country

Congrats on the men's team finishing 3rd (Ian La Mere, Ryan Mahalsky, Brendan Gregg, Trent Lusignan, Caleb Ryhnard, and Robert Curtis), and the women's team winning the championship (Chelsea Blaase, Olivia Pratt, Anne-Marie Blaney, Rachele Schulist, and Melanie Brender).  

Five qualifiers for Great Edinburgh Cross Country in Scotland on January 13, 2018.

  • Chelsea Blaase - 2nd
  • Olivia Pratt - 3rd
  • Anne-Marie Blaney - 4th
  • Ian La Mere - 1st
  • Ryan Mahalsky - 3rd


Hansons at Club Cross Country




Guys take 3rd Place




Ladies Start




Guys Leaders


Ian Takes the WIN!


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