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Group Runs

Whether its just a matter of getting yourself out there and running, or whether you want to elevate the intensity of your runs – these free training runs are a great way to motivate yourself as a runner. You will find a very wide range of runners. Rest assured there will be others running your pace.

  • Every Monday from our Royal Oak Store at 6:30 pm (All year)
  • Every Tuesday Free Speed sessions at Dodge Park at 6:30 pm  (May-August)
  • Every Tuesday Marathon workouts at Dodge Park at 6:00 pm (Sept-Oct)
  • Every Tuesday from our Grosse Pointe Store at 6:30 pm (All year)
  • Every Wednesday from our Utica Store at 6:30 pm (April-October)
  • Every Thursday from our Royal Oak Store at 6:30 pm (All year)
  • Every Sunday of each month from our Lake Orion Store at 8:00 am (All year)

Hansons Marathon Training Runs: 16 Mile Training Run

  • When:  September 26, 2021 @ 8:00 am
  • Location:  Lake Orion Shop
  • Who:  Runners of all speeds.
  • Anyone who wants to run 1-16 Miles

The Cost is Free - No Registration Required
Every Mile will be marked and water stations will be available. Restroom facilities are not available on the course and are very limited at the start, so plan accordingly. There will be refreshments at the finish.


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